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National OverWatch (N.O.W.)

The National OverWatch (“NOW”) is a Texas 501(c)(3) corporation developed by former special forces, law enforcement, and corporate executives looking to change the safety of our nation’s schools. NOW is developing an online community around the opportunity for school districts to use free online resources to understand their school’s threat vulnerabilities in order to work with NOW to secure national school systems better and proactively. Currently, NOW is working on data collection of every school in the USA to understand and work with state, local, and federal agencies to obtain funding necessary aid in better protecting these school systems from outside threats. However, unless our local and national governments understand the severity of the problem, nothing will change. NOW’s mission is to improve school systems through threat assessment education significantly, changes in current policy, use of cameras and perimeter protection products, secure door systems, tactical training for onsite personnel, and more.

This program's website will be up and running soon, filled with lifesaving information, education and multiple ways that you can be a part of providing "Overwatch" in the protection of our nation's children through donations, volunteering & strategic partnerships.  

This page will be updated with a link to N.O.W.s information as soon as possible.