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Frequently Asked Questions

- What forms of payment do you accept? - We gladly accept Credit/Debit Cards, Cash or Company Checks

- Can you provide meeting venues for contract/mortgage or other meetings where multiple people have to have their signatures notarized? - Yes; we typically come to our clients but we do have access to a private, controlled office that is available for a small fee.

- Will you make hospital visits to complete documents for patients &/or staff? --Yes, We gladly meet you anywhere - I do charge an additional fee when providing services at a hospital/airport or other location that take significantly more time & usually create expenses (parking - registration IAW with facility and so forth) .

- Does CCNS do home security assessments - Typically we do not complete residential assessments; our personnel primarily assess (or have assessed) government facilities, critical infrastructure  assets & commercial facilities.  The  meticulous methods/strategies  we employ to identify/mitigate vulnerabilities are more extensive and costly than most homeowners want or need.  

- Can CCNS provide legal documents (like power of attorney, wills...) my attorney quoted me a very high rate for this stuff? -- 

Yes, CCNS can provide certain documents, CCNS has an array of documents with the legally required verbiage/outlines and so forth that have been accepted by the state bar &/or provided by the State of FL, we will be happy to assist in entering your details and specifics into the documents, print/notarize them.  We do charge significantly less than your attorney because we do not offer legal advice and cannot execute certain legal processes that your attorney can.  If you are not familiar with the legal implications associated with a document you may want to seek legal advice prior to signing anything. 

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